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Ao Wei Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor device design company with independent research and development, production and sales service as its main body. Its headquarters is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Since 2008, it has been engaged in the research and development of semiconductor products. The R & D team is composed of engineers and technicians of well-known semiconductor enterprises at home and abroad. It has rich experience in research and design of power semiconductor products, and has successfully launched a power semiconductor product comparable to the top semiconductor company in Europe and America. The products are widely used in mobile phone, computer, television, communication, security, car, wear, medical and other fields. The company's performance has maintained steady growth for many years. It will strive to develop and improve the independent technological innovation, broaden the product line and its application field, establish an advanced quality assurance system, uphold the advanced technology, reliable quality, continuous improvement quality management policy, ensure the product to achieve the perfect quality, to become the leader of power semiconductor products!

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